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Enrichment Activites

“We give the child nourishing food so that his little body may grow, and in just the same way we must provide him with suitable nourishment for his mental and moral growth. ”

~Maria Montessori

Paramount Petting Zoo shared their animals with us today. We had so much fun meeting all of them!

We got to take a tour of music from different parts of the world during our World Music Odyssey concert!

We had a great time when Mesner Puppet show came to sing and dance with us!

Mr. Stinky Feet rocks! We had so much fun when he came by and shared his music with us!

We had so much fun when Mad Science visited our school!

Happy Harvest Day! We got to eat the lettuce and spinach we grew! It was delicious!

When you can’t go to the pumpkin patch, the pumpkin patch comes to you! Thank you Faulkner’s Ranch and Scarecrow Nona! We had a great time!!!

Graduation Day! We can accomplish anything

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