All three of our Montessori Early Childhood Schools provide nurturing, child-centered settings for children six weeks through six years of age. The schools are committed to building and fostering a community of life-long learners, using proven Montessori methodology, which has been successful for over 100 years. We focus on assisting children in mastering language, math, and sensorial experiences at age-appropriate levels. We simultaneously nurture the development of conscientious, caring, and compassionate children.


At Brighton Montessori, Westport Montessori, and Winterset Montessori, basic Montessori philosophy is followed; children become their environment; children learn by experiencing; respect for the child and their individual abilities are the top priority. We believe that even the youngest child delights in seeing—and mastering—how the world works. Our teachers respect each child’s individual interests and abilities-free to follow their own inner dictates. Children acquire an ability to learn which is virtually unlimited; free to explore in prepared environments, and develop a sense of purpose, process, completion—and success.












  • to provide a quality, loving environment for young children, an environment that will enable each child to progress to the best of his/her ability mentally, socially, morally, emotionally, and physically.

  • to give children learning experiences related to their real needs during the critical preschool and kindergarten years, thus building the foundation for a lifetime of creative learning.

  • to foster a love of learning.

  • to encourage self-motivation, self-confidence, self-reliance, and personal competence.

  • to strengthen each child's belief in his or her own human dignity and that of others.